About Us

We have been managing real estate for thirty-five years and since then have expanded dramatically from a small, family based firm with only one office in Fort Lauderdale, to a countywide operation, with more than ten bases.

When we first started out, it was as landlords ourselves; letting out various residences, which had once actually belonged to our family. Bit by bit, we acquired more land and became acquainted with the developers and builders who would make our first big development – the Milo Hill Gate Apartments.

Eventually, we did not simply own the properties; but as our reputation grew for outstanding service to our tenants, other landlords began to request our help. Before we knew it, our real estate management company was born!

Since then, we have been offering first class service to anyone in need of our help. We have a wide range of clients, from corporate developers to commercial enterprises. We also have links with some of the most exciting new builds around the state. Additionally, we are not limited solely to properties either in this state or even in the country!

Some of our clients own properties abroad, as it is fairly common in people who own property in Fort Lauderdale, and so if you are in one of the locations which we have experts in, we may be able to assist with your overseas portfolio. But please don’t be put off if you own one home, we are excited to help you navigate the real estate boat. If you want to buy or sell your home, we are the team for you.

Our clients are all valued equally to us, whether they have a multi-million-dollar portfolio across three continents or a one bedroom condo right here!

We personally select all our tenants and make sure they are the right ones for your property. We can guarantee that you will not be left with any shock bills or unexpected renovations. If there is anything that needs servicing in your property, rest assured, we will take care of it, with the minimum of fuss.

For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today and a member of our team will be glad to assist!