We could write a lot of words about how great we are and hope that you read them and then believe us.

Or we could ask the people who matter for their opinion – our clients and tenants!

So, without further ado, here are some of our satisfied customers, giving their honest opinions about our service.


We are not professional landlords and sort of ended up with a spare home almost by accident, when we first moved in together, twelve years ago.

It would never have occurred to us to rent out our property to tenants and initially, we were looking for a quick sale.

So, we set about trying to sell the place. Unfortunately, we were not met with a huge degree of interest in the apartment.

This was obviously disappointing for us, because it was previously our home and a place we had invested a huge amount, not only of money, but also love.

Neither of us were happy with the idea of it selling for far under its market worth and the only serious offer we had received would have been to a developer, who wanted to demolish it to put a parking lot on top of it!

Call us sentimental, but we would have been a lot happier to see another couple in there, enjoying what we had had in the place.

So that’s how we ended up letting it out, with a truly first class real estate lettings agent.

Initially, we were only intending for this to be a short-term arrangement – which would bridge the gap until a “serious” buyer came along.

But as the months turned to years, we realized that the tenants who had moved in, seemed quite cozy where they were and wondered if there really was any need to sell the place, after all.

The regular monthly income has been a godsend to our retirement fund and after twelve years of renting it out to a lovely couple, we have no plans to sell.

We would heartily recommend this property management team to anyone in our position.


As a single mom with three dogs, finding rented accommodation can be something of a challenge.

Crazy as it is, many real estate management companies don’t want to know about house pets – and especially when they find out those pets are three big German shepherd dogs!

So, when I found this place, I was relieved to discover that they were completely happy about animals, as long as I made good any damage that they might do.

For the last five years, we have all been very happy here and have no plans to move on.

Better still, this firm actually mean it when they say they can provide long term lets and won’t try and move you on after six months or raise the rent so high that you’re forced to leave.

When something needs doing around the place, it gets done promptly and efficiently.

This is not something that I could say about my previous landlords and for this reason, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this management firm to all my friends!